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Learn from a multiple 6-figure event planning veteran, May Yeo Silvers. Her specialty? Her “no sugar coating, giving it to you the way it is” form of communication that breaks down ideas and strategies into actionable step-by-step processes.

My Mission

in starting the Unstoppable Eventrepreneur Mentorship Program® is to inspire and empower anyone

who has a passion for events and wants to turn that into a profitable business, living their best life doing what they love and being rewarded handsomely. We are living a busy life full of commitments, but I don’t want you to pause your passion because “life gets in the way”. That’s why I created the Unstoppable Eventrepreneur™  podcast where you can get a dose of education, inspiration and motivation every week in 30 mins or less! My hope is that the podcast will help you stay on track in turning your passion into profit.

EVENTrepreneur: A person who turns their passion for events into a profitable business.

The Unstoppable Eventrepreneur™ Podcast

brings you the mindset, strategies and tactics you need to build and scale your event planning business. Learn about the thinking and habits you must develop in order to turn your passion for event planning into a highly profitable business that supports your freedom-based lifestyle.

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