How to Handle Leads From Friends and Family – Episode 144

How to Handle Leads From Friends and Family – Episode 144

“In terms of the quality of the lead, whether it’s from friends, family, or a stranger, it’s the same, in my opinion. As long as you conduct yourself professionally, you should treat your friends and family just as you would a total stranger who is interested in your business or service,” says May Yeo Silvers.


In this episode, May addresses a key issue for new event planners: valuing leads from friends and family equally to those from strangers. A common error is undercharging for services. To avoid this, maintain professionalism and consistent pricing across all clients, regardless of the lead source. May also highlights the importance of clear discount policies and boundaries, ensuring that friends and family respect the value of your work.


May discusses leveraging connections with friends and family to build a digital portfolio and gather testimonials, which are crucial for marketing efforts. She advises charging at least the break-even rate to cover costs and avoid financial losses. By treating all clients professionally and managing expectations, you can turn close connections into a strategic advantage for your business.


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• “You need to be a professional and deliver the service like a professional regardless whether it’s a friend or family. You need to remove the mindset that a lead from a friend or family is not as good.” (08:14 | May Silvers) 

• “You need to start thinking of your friends and family as your supporters. A lot of business comes from friends and family referrals, and then you just extend, extend, extend.” (08:49 | May Silvers)

• “Do not think lowly of the leads from friends and family. You treat them as a professional. You charge them the same as a stranger. Do not assume that a friend or family is going to haggle the price with you and a stranger will not because they will. So do not think that a lead from friends and family is going to be worse off than a stranger. Sometimes a stranger is worse off.” (21:15 | May Silvers) 



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