Let’s turn your passion for events into a highly profitable business.

You started your side-hustle as an event planner because you loved the idea of getting to create beautiful, memorable events.

However, your passion for events is becoming more
like an expensive hobby rather than a profitable business.

Or, you may be getting some success in charging for your events but you find yourself overworking and
attracting champagne taste on a beer budget clients.

You want to start seeing some real freedom and cash from all the hard work you’ve put in.

If you’re like most new and sometimes even seasoned event planners, you feel like you are spinning your wheels. Always hoping for a new referral to come through. Playing the social media game. Undercharging and overdelivering. People pleasing your way into stress and overwhelm.

It’s time to stop the insanity.

You CAN build your event planning business while making money AND enjoying real entrepreneurial freedom.

There are three critical components

all EVENTrepreneurs need to build a
profitable business:

Event planning skills

While most “gurus” tell you that you need tons of inventory, a large staff, and an expensive venue, the truth is you can run exceptional events and a lean business, so you can actually enjoy the profits.

Business building skills

Running an event planning business is more than Pinterest-worthy aesthetics. In order to build something sustainable, you need to understand sales, marketing, finance, and team building. At the end of the day, business skills are the lifeblood of the freedom-based life you want to live.

An unstoppable mindset

As an entrepreneur, there will be ups and downs to the lifecycle of your business. Most people don’t develop the mindset required for lasting success. They settle by setting easy-to-accomplish goals that don’t threaten their comfort zone. But courage and a desire to think bigger, dream bigger, and wanting more are what will solidify your legacy and dominate your market.

My Unstoppable Eventrepreneur Mentorship Program® provides teaching, support and accountability in all three critical areas listed above.

Over the course of 12 months, we will remove the blocks holding you back—marketing, sales, mindset, and business strategy—so you can thrive doing the work you’re most passionate about.

Inside the Unstoppable Eventrepreneur Mentorship Program® you will get:

  • Growth plan, your success roadmap.
  • LIVE group coaching calls where we will teach a current relevant topic be it industry trends, sales role-play, business strategies, overcoming mindset block, etc
  • LIVE coworking sessions to focus on the key fundamentals of your business.
  • Accountability check-in to track your progress.
  • Private Paid Members Only Facebook Group with additional resources, networking, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Library of resources includes proprietary templates for proposals, contracts, and checklists. Constantly updated to include new materials to reflect the current events industry and business climate.

“Before joining the program, I was undercharging and taking every job. I had no idea how to run a business.

After joining the mentorship program, I learned how to market myself to get leads with a good budget. I even launched my own balloon class and making good income from that too! I start to think like an eventrepreneur, not just as an event planner.

Nancy Rojano

Sugar Plum Event Co.

“Before joining the program, I only helped my boss to plan her events.

After joining the program, I launched my event planning company, my website, and booked my first paid gig within a month of joining the program. I even took part in a wedding show and got over 18 leads!

Karla Eifler

Event Studio K

During our 12 months together, we will cover:

  • Building out your business plan
  • Onboarding new clients

  • Sourcing vendors
  • Site set-up and inspection
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Creating your event planning checklist and timeline
  • Building out a strategic event planning budget for your clients
  • Building out a timeline for each item on your event planning checklist
  • Day of coordinator checklist
  • How to run a lean, agile event planning team
  • Setting up your business legally
  • Pricing your services for maximum impact, freedom, and profitability
  • Managing your business funds in the most effective way that helps your business
  • Building your vendor list

  • Traditional and non-traditional marketing

  • Creating a social media presence that is sustainable and aligned with who you are

  • Finding your ideal client

  • How to qualify your leads to avoid price objections

  • Sales skills that don’t feel slimy

  • Orchestrating a styled shoot to create your portfolio

  • How to develop a bulletproof mindset for ultimate success as an eventrepreneur

  • Creating a work and life schedule that is in full alignment with your goals and stage of life

We not only teach you to become the best event planner, but we teach you to be a business owner for a thriving event planning business.

“At first I was skeptical about joining an online program, but the amount of resources offered answered all my prayers.

The mentorship program covered every aspect of my business and May and the team really helped me manage my time.

Terri Knapp

Cali Soiree

“My initial fear was how in the world am I going to afford the program?

It was a high risk joining as I was working part time. Financials did not make sense, but I knew that I needed financial independence in business and took the leap. With May, I’ve reached milestones I never imagined I could. The program made the my dream feel accomplishable and shaped me into not only a designer, but a CEO.

Sarita Stewart

owner of Sarita Stewart Designs

Why work with me:

I understand how to run an event planning business that DOESN’T take over your life. My event planning company makes multiple 6-figures a year and requires very little of my time and energy. I am able to do what I am passionate about while still being a present wife and mother.

The truth is, when you understand a few fundamental business truths and have the accountability needed to truly carry them out, you don’t need all the frills, AND you don’t need to work ALL THE TIME.

I am here to encourage you to courageously turn your passion into life-changing profits so you can embrace the freedom that comes from working for yourself and doing what you love.

As your coach and mentor, I will teach and support you, but I will also hold you accountable and push you outside of your comfort zone.

If you’re ready to truly EVOLVE your business AND your life to make your goals and desires a reality, join us. Let’s turn your passion and ambitions into your legacy, like we have done for many other Eventrepreneurs before.

I help event planners differentiate between being a great event planner versus a thriving event planning business owner.

To help you become a great event planner AND thriving business owner, I infuse mindset and wealth consciousness with strategies and tactics to build a sustainable event planning business empire.

- May

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