2 Part Series of Lead Generation – Part 2 – Which lead generation strategy should you consider – Episode 112

2 Part Series of Lead Generation – Part 2 – Which lead generation strategy should you consider – Episode 112

Lead generation takes a personal twist in the second installment of our two-part series on this vital topic. If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, be sure to catch up for the full picture. In this episode, May zeroes in on the importance of customizing lead generation strategies to fit individual needs and situations. She identifies three key factors to consider: available time, resources, and personal preference.

For those with ample time but limited budgets, May suggests organic outreach. Building strong relationships with vendors, actively participating in networking events, and making an impact at trade shows are her recommended approaches. However, she advises those who may struggle with social anxiety to consider alternatives to these face-to-face methods. Conversely, event professionals facing time constraints but with some budgetary flexibility might benefit more from paid lead platforms and targeted advertising. This approach offers a quicker lead acquisition, bypassing the need for extensive personal networking.

The role of personality in shaping your lead generation strategy is crucial. May explains how digital natives may thrive using online marketing tactics like SEO, blogging, and social media engagement, whereas those who are more extroverted may prefer traditional, in-person marketing techniques.

Drawing from her experiences, May contrasts the lead generation strategies she employed for her event planning business, M2 Hospitality, with the digital-centric methods used for her coaching business, Events4Anyone. She encourages listeners to find and adopt strategies that resonate with their own personalities and objectives, highlighting the need for setting practical goals and occasionally stepping outside their comfort zones.

For those seeking guidance in crafting their lead generation approach or overall planning for 2024, May extends an invitation to her upcoming in-person event on December 2nd in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This event, dedicated to vision and strategic planning, promises to be an invaluable resource for the year ahead.



• “If you totally decide you are doing something and you’re forced to do it, you will do less of it. So I want to teach you to find something that you can do first and have this sense of accomplishment. And then when you grow confident, then you will have less resistance to do the things that you don’t like to do.” (9:08 | May Silvers)

• “G-O-L-D, the money is there, but you have to move from this place to that place to go get the money. You have to move yourself closer to the money. And that only happens if you take action and not just – ‘look at that, oh my God, all those leads, over there why these people have all this business and I don’t?’ –  because they move! They move towards where the leads are and then they continue to do what they need to do to close them.” (16:25 | May Silvers) 

• “Look at these three factors, okay? Time, resources, personality. And then decide what suits you the best and then immediately take action on the lowest hanging fruit.” (17:02 | May Silvers) 


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