Part 3 of the 3 Part Series of Things To Consider When Planning A Ticketed In-Person – Episode 109

Part 3 of the 3 Part Series of Things To Consider When Planning A Ticketed In-Person – Episode 109

What you do when you are onsite and after the event is all about being prepared, managing on-site challenges, and gathering and analyzing many types of feedback. These are the cornerstones of post-event success and the focus of part 3 of our 3-part series about running a successful, profitable ticketed in-person event. May Silvers, master event planner and business coach, shares her crucial tips in these areas. If you haven’t yet, be sure to listen to parts 1 and 2 of this series.

What should happen on-site should be a bigger focus for event planners. May reveals the secrets to managing your event like a pro on-site, checklists for what to bring, tips for booking ample time before the event to checking room setups and run walkthroughs, all the way to practicing scenarios for registration and AV setups and materials. May shares the reports and invoices she reviews every single day, and her insider tips on avoiding unnecessary food and beverage charges, avoiding fees and and catching errors on invoices from the venue.

As your event starts to end, your work is not done. Be certain to bring printed surveys to your event and collect attendee feedback on-site. Why? Because immediate insights are fresher and often more genuine. And, close your event by teasing the next one. Get them excited and offer super early bird pricing. There are many details on this strategy in Part 2 of this series.

Understanding success of your event goes back to the objective of the event.  You will measure the benchmarks and metrics that relate to your objective, but May dives deep into both tangible metrics, like ticket sales and new client sign-ups, and intangible metrics like growth in social media followers and email database expansion. These key pieces of feedback are vital facets of your event’s ROI. Post-event reflection isn’t just for metrics; it’s an opportunity to celebrate the team and gather feedback from the host to the crew. Those who went the extra mile for the event deserve acknowledgment and their feedback is gold for your future endeavors.

If you aspire to elevate your event planning game, and want more support, May has just the thing: her Ticketed In-Person Event course or a one-on-one consulting engagement with her. You can schedule a call with May to discuss how she can support your event success.


• “Many of the event planners I work with do not understand how important the on-site and after event work is compared to the rest of the planning process.” (1:19 | May Silvers) 

• “Always book at least four hours before the start time of the event, or ideally the day before the start day of your event.” (03:32 | May Silvers)

• “I want to see the no show report. I want to see the in-house report. I want to see the arrival report. I want to see the cancellation report. OK, so these four reports, for sure, I will always ask, and I will review every single day. I will also ask to see the daily invoice.” (11:32 | May Silvers) 

• “You want to make sure that your registration table should be all ready to go, what we call show ready, 30 minutes before the official start time of registration or for your event.” (17:37 | May Silvers)

• “You want to measure things that are a little bit intangible, such as did you see a peak from your social media following? Did your email database increase as well?” (23:26 | May Silvers)



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