Introducing the Unicorn of the Event Planning and Designer Software – The Planning Diva – Episode 110

Introducing the Unicorn of the Event Planning and Designer Software – The Planning Diva – Episode 110

Are you tired of juggling multiple tabs, emails, and messages while planning events? Meet Planning Diva, an all-in-one event planning and design software designed to streamline your workflow, boost your efficiency and improve communication internally, with vendors and with clients. 

In this episode of the Unstoppable Eventrepreneur Podcast, Jenny Maxwell shares her journey from event planner and designer to software developer for event planners. Listen to how Jenny started her event planning and designing business, hear about a lesson she learned the hard way about owning inventory, and how her journey as an EVENTrepreneur led her to developing a software that is a UNICORN in the industry. 

Discover how Jenny’s frustration with scattered communication and inefficiency led her to create Planning Diva, a powerful tool that combines project management, collaboration, and 3D visualization in one place. With Planning Diva, you can easily create mood boards, manage budgets, and communicate seamlessly with clients and vendors, PLUS sending proposal, contracts AND processing payments. Say goodbye to endless email threads and hello to a more organized and productive event planning experience.

Jenny is offering our listeners a MAJOR discount for the launch of her software.  She is offering the first 100 subscriptions at $500 a year instead of $1500 and this is a lifetime guarantee. This price will not go up even with everything she adds in the next few years. She is also offering a 2 week free trial on the Planning Diva page. When you are ready to sign up, use this link to lock in the $500 lifetime guarantee price!



• “I felt like I was scattered and inefficient and I felt like there has to be a better way of organizing and doing things.” (33:03 | Jenny Maxwell) 

• “Efficiency is key in business. And I felt like I was being so inefficient by having so many different tabs open. I was using my Google Docs. I was using, you know, my to-do, my budget, my calendar. I had a Microsoft Publisher was how I was doing my layouts and mood boards from Pinterest. I was just all over the place. And it wasn’t easy for me to share with a client. And it wasn’t easy for me to share with my vendors. And so I had a couple of problems going on. I couldn’t collaborate with vendors very well. And I wasn’t organized” (38:25 | Jenny Maxwell)

• “I wanted anyone that’s involved in Mary’s wedding to be able to talk about Mary’s wedding. And anyone that happens to have questions about AV can talk about AV. And so I wanted to build that collaboration piece so that you’re not looking through DMs and emails and Facebook Messenger and text messages trying to find answers to these things. It’s all right there. And if someone, say the client, might want to know a question, they can directly ask it there as well.” (43:18 | Jenny Maxwell)

• “You are definitely a very courageous, forward-thinking business owner, not just an event planner, but doing a software that marries with your passion, that’s a winning strategy because you can feel the pain of the problem and you can also feel the relief of the solution. And you’re surrounded by a good community of all event planners who can give you feedback to constantly evolve the product, which is great. Congratulations!” (51:33 | May Silvers)



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