Events Confidential: What Is Your Why?

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When I asked the members in our Facebook group why they decided to become an event planner, the answer was “because I love to plan events and I love seeing my clients happy when they see how beautiful their event turned out.”

I even have members who shared that they had planned so many events for free just because they enjoyed the entire process of planning an event and seeing how happy their friends and family were when they are enjoying the event that they planned.

When I asked these same members why they don’t monetize their passion for planning events by starting their own event planning business, the common answer is they are afraid they won’t make enough money in the business to pay their bills.

Turning Your Why Into A Business

When people think about business, the first thing they think about is how much money they can make in the business. They completely forget WHY they want to start a business, which is the fact that they love planning events and love seeing how happy their friends and family are when their events turn out beautifully.

So your WHY is to want to help people plan their events and see how happy they are when their events are successful. The joy and fulfillment you get when you see how happy they are is your adrenaline and catalyst to want to start your event planning business.

Can you imagine having a business where you make enough money to pay your bills, but you absolutely hate working on that business because your mind, your heart, and your soul are not connected to the business?

Understanding Your Why

Here is a great video called First Why And Then Trust where Simon Sinek, a world-famous motivational speaker, talks about finding your WHY and how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors when you understand what is your WHY. 

To start and grow any business successfully, you have to align yourself, and I mean ALL OF YOU – your values, your beliefs, and your morals.

If you make it a goal to want to help create beautiful events and experiences and understand that this is your ultimate WHY you started the business, you will defy all odds and always do your best to deliver the best client experience and the most beautiful event for the client.

4 Things That Will Happen When You Know Your WHY

1) You will be known among your clients and prospective clients as a planner who truly cares about your client’s experience and their events.

2) The universe will reward you with many clients so you can continue to make more people happy. And what comes with more happy clients?

3) Clients who are willing to pay you your worth and clients who pay you for your value; not because of your price.

4) With more clients who are willing to pay your worth, the money will roll right into your bank account. With the money, you can live the life you have always dreamed of.

When I asked my members in our Facebook group, "Why did you become an event planner?" The answer is always, “Because I love to plan events and I love seeing my clients happy when they see how beautiful their event turned out”.


Don’t ever lose sight of your WHY because once you lose your WHY, the rest will be lost too.

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