Events Confidential: Are You The Best Event Planner For Your Ideal Client?

Join May Yeo Silvers, owner of Events4Anyone as she teaches you how to be the best event planner for your ideal client.

How Can You Be The Best Event Planner?

There are a gazillion event planners out there, how do you differentiate yourself to be the best event planner for your ideal client? Here are some pointers you should be asking yourself and your ideal client.

Are You A Good Match?

I am a straight shooter and have no filter. I like people who speak English, like layman everyday words in English. Don’t try to impress me with flowery language, big words, and smoking mirrors. If my ideal client uses words like “bespoke” or “quintessential”, I already tuned her out. 

Do you actually talk to your friends and family using words like these? Who are you trying to impress? I don’t need or want to be impressed or feel the need to impress my ideal client. 

I want to be able to trust my ideal client and feel comfortable with her and vice versa. Once I feel comfortable knowing that you won’t judge me and I won’t judge you, now we can talk. Always remember, it’s not always the ideal client picking you, you should also be picking who your ideal client is.

Real-Life Example

Sad but true story. I had a client whom I did several events for and all of them were successful. Then they had a personnel change. This new person loves to be wowed by a big resume, big words, and all the flowery language to sell yourself. 

Needless to say, we stopped working together because we were no longer compatible. I wasn’t too bummed about it because I knew in the long run, I wouldn’t have fun working with this new person. Once you stop having fun, subconsciously your performance will also be affected.

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Ask About Your Ideal Client's Exes

No, I am not talking about who your ideal client used to date. I am talking about asking them to share with you the event planners they had worked with (or talked to) in the past and what they liked or disliked about them.

The answers will give you a good indication of what type of event planner your ideal client is looking for and what they expect you to do for their event.

What Event Experience Is Your Client Is Looking For?

Is experience important? Yes and no. What exactly constitutes “having experience”? Does “having experience in event planning” mean the event planner must have the experience in planning the type of event your ideal client wants to execute

You may not necessarily have all the experience in the type of event your ideal client is planning. But if you have the experience in handling certain tasks that your ideal client requires and the ideal client doesn’t mind assigning the rest of the tasks to other team members or doing it herself, that could mean you are an event planner that your ideal client may want to hire. Especially when the tasks you can do are in areas that she is not skilled in.

Can Your Client Trust You?

Will you have your client’s back and realize her vision?

Even if you are not the most experienced, but you know that your ideal client can trust you to do your best, be honest and communicate clearly and timely. You will be fine and the event will be a success.

How Do You Treat Each Other?

How successful the event will be is how you treat your ideal client and how they treat you. 

You are a TEAM. You are not just a hired help. Your client can’t blame you (unless you were negligent and did not do what you were contracted to do) if things don’t go well.

Your client’s job is to make sure you get whatever is needed to make the event a success. Your job is to make your potential client look good. They give you what you ask for, you go to work with it, your client has a successful event, and everyone wins.


Ultimately, a “good” event planner is someone who is on the same wavelength as their client but is not afraid to challenge the ideal client with new ideas and at the same time respects her vision and budget. 

You should also be someone who your ideal client likes and respects. Someone who she thinks she will still want to go grab a drink with after the event. Be real, who wants to work with a pain in the tush?? 


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