Events Confidential: How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Event Planning Business

Learn from event mentorship program expert May Yeo Silvers as she shares how to use social media to grow your event planning business.

Unless you are living under a rock, everyone is on one or two social media platforms. If you are an eventpreneur, it is absolutely imperative for your business to have a social media presence.

Why Do You Need Social Media For Your Business?

For reference, I am only covering Facebook and Instagram on this blog. Social media is a free form of advertising for your business and who doesn’t like free stuff???

You must have a social media presence for your business if you want to reach out to millions and millions of people across the world as social media has no geographic boundaries.

Now that you have your social media platform set up for your business, we need to understand how we fully capitalize on the power of social media.

The few factors you have to consider are:

First Factor: Why Are You Posting On Social Media?

When I asked eventpreneurs why they are posting on their social media I get answers like, To gain followers, to get more likes, to grow my social media presence, and to get hired.

All that is fine and dandy but if you don’t have a plan then you are just wasting your time posting whatever you are posting on your social media.

What’s worse is you could be posting stuff that attracts the wrong followers, portrays the wrong impression of your brand, and ultimately devalues you and your brand.

Whenever you want to post content on your social media, you need to first think of your objective: The end goal that you want to get by posting that particular content on your social media. Once you determine what your end goal is, then we go to the second factor…

What Are You Posting?

If your objective is to show your target audience the work that you do so they are familiar with the type of service you provide, then you should be posting images of the events you had done in the past along with your behind the scenes work.

If your objective is to create engagement, then you should be posting content that encourages your followers to share their input.

If your objective is to build your authority in your field, then share content that nurtures your target audience and content that they find useful.

If your objective is to create sales, then you need to highlight the offer you are selling, the benefits your buyers will experience when they buy your offer, and be very clear on the instructions on how they can buy your offer.

How Are You Engaging With Your Followers?

Whenever my clients in my Events4Anyone Unstoppable Eventrepreneurs mentorship program share with me that they are not getting any leads from their social media posts, the questions I ask them include: How frequently do you post? What’s the objective of the post? What do you post? Lastly, what do you do with that post after you are done posting it?

Do you track the “results” of that post? Such as, did you get any engagements in terms of likes, thumbs up, followers asking questions, followers making comments, etc? And what do you do with those engagements?


Several eventrepreneurs fall into the “post and pray” category. They do a post and then they sit and wait to see how the post “performs”. Then, they see several likes, thumbs up and heart emojis. And then what?

C’mon eventrepreneurs, the ultimate goal of having a social media presence is to get booked for your services, right??? Hearts, thumbs up and emojis are not going to get you booked.

You need to engage with your followers.

Open a dialogue with them, send them a DM (direct message), comment on their feed by thanking them for liking your post, and have a Instagram/Facebook DM chat. Ask questions like what do they like about your post, and through the DM, you will find out more about your followers, their likes, dislikes, interests, etc. All of this information is important data for you as you can use it in the future for doing audience/interest targeting ads for Facebook and Instagram.

These DM dialogues also allow them to get to know you better too. It provides the opportunity for you to build rapport, trust, and also let them know more about the value you can provide for their events.

You also need to give them specific instructions on how to get in touch with you. Is there a clear call to action on your post on how your followers can get to work with you? It has to be so clearly stated on your post that it’s almost dummy-proof, such as, “Contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx” or DM me @xyzabc or send me an email at [email protected]. You have to make it so clear and so easy that it doesn’t require any figuring out on your followers’ part on how to get in touch with you.

Eventually, you want to get these followers on the phone with you or have them share their contact information with you so you can contact them and finally, close them into paying clients. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a 1000 likes but no one books your services?


Apart from these above three points, you need to consider each time you do a social media post, that there are several items you need to take into consideration as well when you post on your social media.

I recently wrote a blog titled “Is your social media hurting or boosting your business” where I go in-depth on how the content you post on your social media can and will affect the event planning fee you want to charge. You can read the blog by clicking here. Social media positioning and presence is just one of the strategies we teach our event planners inside our Unstoppable Eventrepreneurs mentorship program.

If you are interested in finding out how our mentorship program can help you start and grow your event planning business, click here and let’s chat!


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