Events Confidential: How To Grow Your Social Media Following

Learn from event mentorship program expert May Silvers as she gives you tips on how to grow your social media following. It starts with having the right mindset!

Is social media your nemesis when it comes to marketing your event planning services?

Is it because you are constantly searching for what contents to post, looking for the “perfect” photo or making the “perfect” video or reel?

You did what every social media guru told you to do “POST EVERYDAY! POST ANYTHING! YOU NEED TO SHOW UP EVERYDAY ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA!”

You have taken those 30 days social media posting challenges, paid $9 for premade social media templates, you post everyday and still crickets in your DM. No leads, no engagements, no increase in followers, NADA!

You are overwhelmed, drained and frustrated. You are scratching your head and pulling your hair out. Do all these sound like you?

Well, if this makes you feel any better, you are NOT alone. This is the challenge I hear over and over again. “Social media is not my thing”, “I hate social media!”

If you are thinking that social media is not your “thing” and you “hate” social media, how could you possibly think about growing your social media following and using social media to grow your business? There is so much resistance from you that you wouldn’t touch social media with a 20ft pole!

I always tell my clients inside our Unstoppable Eventrepreneur mentorship program that the person who is most successful in NOT the person who is the best event planner. It is the event planner who has most VISIBILITY in front of her target audience.

Instead of gritting your teeth and going back to being the 30 days social media hero again, you need to understand WHY you need to create visibility. Not knowing the WHY you do what you do is the number 1 sabotage and reason why people give up doing whatever they do when they don’t see instant results.

So instead of telling yourself that you suck at social media, because your thoughts influence your actions and your actions influence your results, how about trying to embrace the fact that using social media to market your business is just part of running your business?

No visibility equals no leads, no leads equals no sales. Now, ask yourself, which is scarier? Social media or not making money for your event planning business??

To be perfectly honest, I am NOT a fan of social media or anything that requires me knowing how to work the technology. When I started Events4Anyone, my 6 figure event planner coaching company a year ago, I didn’t even know how to use Instagram! I only had a personal facebook account which I probably post once every quarter just so my friends and relatives in Asia know that I am still alive.

I had never gone LIVE on facebook, and my personal instagram account was not even created by me!!!

I did have a facebook page for M2 Hospitality, my multiple 6 figure event planning company, but I had someone managed it and he did such a horrible job that I had to shut down the entire page.

Looking at what people in the events industry are doing, I quickly understood that in order to thrive in my business, especially my new company, Events4Anyone, I HAD to get over my fear and resistance to use social media to grow my business.

You should have seen my “virgin” facebook LIVE videos. The lighting of the videos looked like I was in a sleazy bar, I was talking like a robot with very little emotions and facial expressions, I was so nervous that I would say the wrong things so I had a script typed out and I kept looking down to read off it.

With many hours of doing facebook live, I got better and even went on IG story and IG LIVE! Wow, that was a huge milestone for me. I know I had great content that my audience enjoyed watching and reading. I care more about the content that I was sharing than how my facial expressions looked and how awkward I sounded sometimes, especially with my Singaporean accent.

In short, I grew a thicker skin and finally understood that people actually like how “raw” and authentic I am because they can relate to me as a “real” person, not some “picture perfect” event planner and event planner coach.

I was sharing content that inspires my audience, content that educates my audience and gave them a quick win, content that keeps them engaged and make them laughed or cried. It was real and relatable. The best part of it all, my content, my way of presentation aligned with my brand, my personality. Because of that, my social media followers grew, I got great engagement and I turned my followers into buyers.

The day I let go of my ego of wanting to look and sound the best at all times, my fear of putting myself out there and getting rejected, my fear of technology to get on social media, everything became easier. I am no longer getting on social media for me, I am getting on social media for “them”, them being my target audience, my ideal clients.

I started looking at my social media posts from their point of view. I started to understand the challenges and questions that my idea clients are facing and asking, and I created content that help solved their challenges and answered their questions. That is when I discovered the holy grail of how to grow your social media following.

So the key takeaways from this blog on how to grow your social media following are:

  • you must first overcome the “I hate social” media mindset

  • -listen” to your audience on what content they want to see or hear and create content that is relatable to your audience

  • your social media posts should hit the BIG 3 (Engage, Educate, Inspire) and achieve the Must Have 4 objectives (Building brand awareness, Building authority, Building Engagement, Building know, like, trust AND buy)

 If you are done with feeling lost and frustrated with social media posts that don’t create any engagement, posts that don’t bring you qualified leads, and you want a step by step guide on how to grow your social media following with the RIGHT audience, let’s hop on a quick call to see how we can help you. We have helped several event planners inside our mentorship program become a social media ninja, and we are confident we can help you too!

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