Events Confidential: How Do You Find Your Ideal Client?

Learn from event mentorship program expert May Yeo Silvers as she shares how to find your ideal client.

This is one question that I get asked all the time. The answer is finding out the WHAT, WHO, WHERE & WHY. 

What Events Will You Plan?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what events do you like to plan? You have to be very specific. If your answer is all types of events then you are not being honest with yourself. 

Do you like planning ALL types of corporate events (several day conferences, product launches, galas, sales retreats, day meetings, and weddings (Indian weddings, Chinese weddings, American weddings, glitz and glamour weddings, rustic weddings, big weddings, small weddings, rustic weddings, and boho weddings etc)?

You have to really think about this. If you end up doing everything, you will be known for nothing. Ask yourself, what type of event style are you drawn to? If you like to plan weddings, what is your favorite type of wedding that you like to plan? Rustic wedding? Big weddings? Backyard Weddings? Glitz and Glamour Weddings?

You can’t be good at everything and be all over the place. Yes, you may be able to do it all, but if it’s not your favorite type of style or events you like to do, you will get burnt out very fast and will start to resent what you initially said you love to do.

Once you determine the type of event you like to plan and the event style, then we go to the WHO.

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Very often, your ideal client is some version of yourself. Your best client is someone who shares the same vision as you and most likely shares the same values and some personality traits as well.

So, if you like the rustic look and like to plan events that support that theme, your ideal client should also like events that support that casual laid back theme.

Once you attract ideal clients who share the same vision as you and like the same things as you, it will be so much easier for you to convert them into actual paying clients.

On the flip side, if you are into planning weddings with the rustic look, and you receive an inquiry from a potential client that she wants you to plan a corporate gala event in a glitzy hotel and she wants a look that incorporates a lot of high tech animation and imagery and the decorations to be all glitz with lots of bling, do you think you will enjoy planning that event?

Ultimately, the type of events you want to plan need to align with your passion. Because if you are planning events that align with what your passion is, then it’s not work. 

Where Will You Hold Events?

Put yourself in the shoes of the person who would want to use your services.

If you like rustic-looking events, that means you like nature, you like earth-tone colors, you like things that have a natural texture, and you most likely enjoy being outdoors.

So, go look for event venues that offer this type of ambiance and offer your services to these venues. The brides who want to have their weddings with that type of look will be looking for venues that offer that type of ambience. You won’t find your brides who like the rustic look booking a venue that is ultra-modern looking with lots of glass and bright lights.

Why You?

Interview yourself. Why would YOU buy from you? What Is unique about you? You have to be very specific. Answers like, “Oh, I provide the best customer service and I will provide a memorable experience for your event,” won’t cut it. The gazillion planners out there all say the same thing.

What makes you different from other planners? What types of challenges are you trying to solve for your ideal client? And by solving those challenges for your ideal client, how would that make your ideal client feel?

Interview your best client. In their testimonial, find out why they picked YOU to work with and not other planners. What problems did you solve for them? How did they feel when you solve their challenges? Use the exact verbatim that your best client used and post it all over your marketing collaterals and social media. Because she just highlighted your “super-powers”.

And you want to broadcast your super-powers EVERYWHERE.

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