Is Your Business Structured to Have Sustainable Profit? – Episode 126

Is Your Business Structured to Have Sustainable Profit? – Episode 126

It’s a curious paradox that many entrepreneurs in the event industry venture into the business world seeking financial and time freedom, only to find themselves shackled by the structure of their own creations. 


May zeroes in on the traps of day-to-day business operations that ensnare event planners, decorators, and designers, preventing the scalability and freedom they initially sought. She draws a vivid contrast between the conventional model of stocking up on inventory and micromanaging every event, and her own practice of concentrating on event design while delegating the execution to trusted vendors. This strategic delegation, May illustrates, is key to breaking free from operational burdens and steering towards a business model that truly offers freedom.


For event entrepreneurs struggling with the inventory dilemma, May lays out actionable strategies: training a capable team or hiring contractors to handle event setups, exploring additional revenue streams such as event rentals, and adopting a pricing model that compensates for personal involvement. These steps are not just about reducing workload; they’re about enhancing the business’s value proposition and ensuring profitability.


May encourages listeners to realign their business structures with their original goals of financial independence and time flexibility. She advocates for a mindful balance between satisfying client needs and building a robust sales pipeline that secures the business’s future.



• “I structure my business in a way that I respect and I understand why I want to have a business, which is I want to have the freedom of time and also financial freedom. So I need to be able to scale the business and I need to be able to have the time to do whatever I want and to work wherever I want. So these three goals. So location, I want to be able to work wherever I want. And I want to be able to scale the business so I can make money when I’m not even at the venue, okay?” (12:33 | May Silvers)

• “If your business requires you to do all the client-facing work every single day, you can never scale. Never, never, never scale.” (18:16 | May Silvers) 

• “When you take on something, you’re giving up something else. So you’ve got to make sure that you understand what you’re giving up. So it all comes down to how are you structuring your business.” (24:25 | May Silvers)



EVENTrepreneurs! You are the best in your craft. but are you good in sales too? If your business does not have consistent income, you have a hobby, not a business.


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