Should You Invest In A Course Or A Mentorship Program? – Episode 125

Should You Invest In A Course Or A Mentorship Program? – Episode 125

If you want to accelerate your event planning or design business, should you enroll in a course or engage in a mentorship program? In this episode, May Yeo Silvers breaks down the essentials, starting with courses—a self-paced learning experience often accompanied by varying levels of support, from email and group assistance to live Zoom sessions. These options present a more affordable entry point into professional development but demand a high degree of self-discipline and motivation.


In contrast, mentorship programs represent a deeper dive, offering a comprehensive and structured curriculum supported by live interactions, personal development coaching, and a strong emphasis on accountability and community. Spanning six to twelve months, these programs are designed to foster significant mindset shifts and self-belief, crucial elements for long-term success.


Understanding your learning style and personal needs is key, May suggests. She outlines how self-starters with a strong track record of independent success might thrive in a course setting. Meanwhile, those seeking transformational change and who benefit from external motivation and accountability might find mentorship programs more aligned with their needs.


Reflecting on her journey, May shares insights from her progression from mentorship to self-guided learning, underscoring the importance of self-awareness in choosing the right investment. She encourages listeners to seek perspectives from trusted advisors to illuminate which path might suit them best.


Concluding, May reaffirms the value of investing in personal and business growth, stressing that the choice between a course and mentorship should align with one’s unique circumstances and commitment to growth. It’s not just about choosing an educational investment but about selecting a path that resonates with your personal journey towards achieving your business dreams.



• “You have to ask yourself, okay, can you count on yourself to show up to do the work? If you have not shown any track record in your life that you are a person of integrity in terms of doing what you say you will do and always do it to the end, no matter how many times you fail, you get up and you still do it. If you haven’t had that track record, then you will need a mentorship program.” (14:47 | May Silvers)

• “When people tell me that they invest in things, regardless whether it’s a course or mentorship program and it didn’t work, I don’t look at what they invest in. I look at their behavior. What kind of excuses are they giving to me? What’s are the reasons they’re giving to me that they say that they cannot work? Because if it works for some other people, it will work for you if you’re willing to go through a certain process.” (16:41 | May Silvers) 

• “Unfortunately, a lot of people refuse to get the help they need because they don’t see that the investment is worth it.” (29:12 | May Silvers) 



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