Handling Sales Objections Is About Prevention, Not Reaction – Episode 127

Handling Sales Objections Is About Prevention, Not Reaction – Episode 127

When you’re in a sales discussion, are you encountering objections or are you having the opportunity to have a clarifying conversation? In this episode of the Unstoppable Eventrepreneur Podcast, host May Yeo Silvers dives into the vital topic of sales objection prevention. The approach May takes herself and recommends for the clients she coaches is to prevent sales objections before they happen rather than having to react to them in a sales conversation.


Preventing objections starts with a marketing message that resonates with the target audience and communicates the value of the services provided. This message should clearly define whom the business serves, the problems it solves, and the unique benefits it offers, ensuring clients are pre-qualified before entering a sales conversation. 


May also encourages taking the time to understand and address the deeper emotional needs of prospects, such as peace of mind, safety, and happiness. Aligning sales messages with these intangible emotional outcomes can make potential clients see the value of the services offered and create clarity about why you and not someone else with the same problem solving skills, should be hired.


Transparency and authenticity in marketing and sales conversations are also vital. Event planners should be clear about what they can deliver and their expectations from clients, building trust and ensuring a good fit.


Putting this advice to work in your strategic marketing messages and sales qualification processes will help transform what were objections into opportunities to have clarifying conversations and close more business.


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• “They give you an objection why they cannot buy. And you have to react to that objection by giving reasons why they should buy and why they should buy now. That’s called reaction. So objection should be a preventive measure, not a reaction measure. What do I mean by preventive? That means you need to do a great job in your marketing and qualification so that it reduces, and I didn’t say eliminate, okay, it reduces the probability of getting a sales objection or sometimes completely eliminate the sales objection. So if whatever objection you’re getting at the sales conversation, if you have done a great job in your marketing message, the objection is not really an objection. It’s more of a clarification.” (02:42 | May Silvers) 

• “It’s no longer talking about the money and why they want it cheaper and why it should be cheaper. It’s all about clarification, how to work with me and the process of how it will look like when we work together.” (05:31 | May Silvers) 

• “People are not only buying a solution when they decide to work with you. They are buying, at the end of the day, a sense of safety, a peace of mind, and a sense of happiness when they decide to work with you.” (06:21 | May Silvers)

• “Emotions are what drive buying decisions. The more you agitate the problem, that means the more you highlight the problem, the more you highlight the solution, how you can help them, the more you give clarification, clarity on exactly how you can solve this problem, so that they understand very clearly that they only want to work with you, why they should work with you, and only hire you to solve that problem.”  (09:13 | May Silvers)



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