When and Where To Hire & How to Keep Good Help – Episode 128

When and Where To Hire & How to Keep Good Help – Episode 128

“A lot of businesses are not able to scale and grow at the pace that they want because they are not able to find good help,” declares May Yeo Silvers as she tackles the common issue of hiring and managing your talent by sharing insights from her own experiences. She defines what “good help” means for your business, emphasizing the importance of understanding exactly what kind of help you need before starting the hiring process and taking your time to avoid common pitfalls.


May outlines a comprehensive hiring strategy into key areas: identifying who to hire, deciding when it’s the right time to hire, understanding the best way to go about the hiring process, and figuring out how to keep your employees or contractors engaged and efficiently part of the team for the long haul. She recommends starting with a virtual assistant to manage backend tasks, allowing you to focus on enhancing brand visibility and expanding sales outreach. Timing is everything, May advises, suggesting a proactive approach to hiring that anticipates needs rather than reacts to pressures.


Retention is key and May discusses how to maintain a productive team through clear communication and setting clear expectations. She touches on the challenges of letting go of team members who aren’t able to adapt and grow with the business, acknowledging how tough but necessary those decisions can be.


May offers practical advice on where to look for potential hires, from networking events to employment agencies. She reminds listeners that finding and keeping the right team members is a continuous effort that requires patience and adaptability. It is a process that helps in both your personal and professional growth.


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• “Before we decide to hire, we need to ask ourselves as a CEO of the business what type of help do we need and why do we need it? Instead of hiring in a hurry, that’s when mistakes are made. Before you hire, you should not be hiring at the time that you need to hire. You should already be looking at the people that you want to hire, or the role that you want to have a human to occupy that role, or the position that you want a team member to be able to occupy that role, you need to identify the role that you are hiring to fulfill. And then you have to ask yourself, why do you need that role to be fulfilled? (01:20 | May Yeo Silvers) 

• “You never want to hire in a hurry. Give yourself time to look at the different options and talk to different people to find the best fit.” (07:45 | May Yeo Silvers)

• “You need, as a leader, to be able to communicate your expectations very clearly. Very, very clearly. I cannot stress how important this is. You need to express how you measure their performance and how you expect them to fulfill the job.” (10:04 | May Yeo Silvers) 

• “To build a team, it’s not just knowing the job, but really finding someone who can gel with your personality and most importantly, also support and see the reason why you do certain things. And support your vision, your mission, your cause, and your purpose.” (16:15 | May Yeo Silvers) 

• “It’s moving along, molding as you go along to find that person, molding the person, molding yourself so that everybody fits into this sphere of a company culture that nobody wants to leave.” (27:57 | May Yeo Silvers)



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