THIS Is How You Will Win EVERY TIME – Episode 131

THIS Is How You Will Win EVERY TIME – Episode 131

Success in business often hinges on factors within your control, notably resilience and commitment. In this episode of the podcast, May Silvers, who has navigated the highs and lows of the event planning industry for over two decades, delves into how these qualities are at the root of high achievement. 


She points out that while many competitors may start with similar resources or ambitions, it’s the sustained effort to show up and improve that sets the successful apart over time. As competitors fade away, deterred by challenges or lured by new distractions, the field clears for those who persist.  Success in business is not just a result of consistent hard work but also of working smart—continuously seeking ways to grow and improve. 


With two personal stories, one involving her daughter, Mia, and one about May’s initial forays into social media through Facebook Live, she illustrates that if you are doing the work and showing up with heart, you will eventually win. Others will stop showing up, or they will show up less.


In the spirit of showing up, trying new things and consistently bringing value, May is offering something that she’s never done before: she’s offering a one-night-only bootcamp scheduled for April 2nd at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.  In this event, May will share the five pillars of business success that drove her businesses to the six-figure mark: pricing, marketing, sales, legalities, and time management. This session promises to be an invaluable resource for anyone aiming to elevate their business, offering both strategic insights and motivational wisdom. Click here to sign up.



• “In business, you will win if you continue to show up and sharpen your craft. And you will win because other people stop showing up and sharpening their craft.” (03:38 | May Yeo Silvers) 

• “Do not be discouraged by the vanity matrix, like how many views, how many downloads, no. You never know who’s watching. And your opponent, your competitors, 99% of them will pay attention to those metrics. They will get discouraged and they will be broken down again and again and again. Whatever you’re experiencing, they will be experiencing. But you know what’s the difference? The difference is you throw yourself a pity party at the point in time when you only have one view or one person who’s on live with you. But you move on because you know this is your job to show up.” (10:12 | May Yeo Silvers)

• “To win is not just showing up, it is also a stroke of luck, banking on the fact that 99% of the people will stop showing up or show up less. If you don’t show up consistently, you don’t have the discipline, you do not commit to showing up on a regular basis, and the other people also stop showing up, then the person who is going to show up a little bit more is going to win.” (14:58 | May Yeo Silvers)  

• “You will win if you continue to give your full heart and your odds of winning are extremely high because the rest of the people will stop showing up or show up less.” (16:54 | May Yeo Silvers)



On April 2 8pm EST, I will be hosting a 1 NIGHT only bootcamp where I will reveal the 5 strategies I used to build my event planning company into a SIX FIGURE business. Click on this link to sign up:


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