Do Your Ideal Clients Even Know That You Are Speaking To Them? – Episode 130

Do Your Ideal Clients Even Know That You Are Speaking To Them? – Episode 130

What are you looking for in an ideal client…a good event budget?  Host May Silvers says an ideal client must have the budget, but it’s about much more than that. In this episode, May introduces a nuanced approach to selecting your ideal clients, prioritizing compatibility in energy, work ethic, and mutual respect in addition to their ability to pay.  May says that finding your ideal client requires establishing a meaningful and productive connection.


Once you are clear on what makes an ideal client, you must examine your ability to attract and qualify those clients through your marketing. A common mistake May notes among event professionals is their broad, generic marketing efforts that fail to directly address the needs of their most suitable clients. She emphasizes the importance of precise, targeted marketing to attract these ideal clients; being extremely direct in speaking exactly to a particular person or status or company you are trying to reach and then showing them the results they want and that you can deliver. Through deliberate and targeted communication, she illustrates how you can attract your ideal clients to your business, while naturally filtering out those who are not a perfect fit.


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• “The first thing I look for is: “Can we work well together? Do we have the same mentality when it comes to working together?” This person doesn’t have to be my BFF but they need to be able to follow my process and I need to be able to follow their process. We need to have a very clear understanding of how I work and how they respond to what I ask for. It has to be easy, no chasing, no begging for information, no yelling, no shouting, no sarcasm. It has to be good energy and also it has to be efficient.” (03:46 | May Yeo Silvers) 

• “If you’re working with somebody, especially when it’s something as personal to them as their events, you want to find somebody who respects you, your process, and also enjoys your energy, your personality, and your vibe.” (07:16 | May Yeo Silvers) 

• “When I do a marketing message, I’m calling out to the people I want to work with. And I’m also highlighting my superpower, my solution to a constantly faced problem. How do I know this is a constantly faced problem? Because I do my market research.” (13:17 | May Yeo Silvers)

• “I want you to ask yourself, does your marketing message address a particular person, a status, or a company? Does your marketing message address a solution to a problem that you know this group of people are facing? Does your marketing message deliver a promise of a result that these people are looking for? Hit those three points, especially the part about the person. You have to call out that person.” (17:30 | May Yeo Silvers) 



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