How Doing Physical Activity in Your Daily Life Affects the Success of Your Business

How Doing Physical Activity in Your Daily Life Affects the Success of Your Business

In today’s episode, we’re diving into a surprising topic: how staying active and getting physically fit can actually boost your business success. Host May Yeo Silvers suggests that the way you handle personal challenges can be a sneak peek into how you tackle business obstacles. 


May shares a personal story from her past to highlight the concept of mental toughness. She recalls a not-so-great moment in a badminton tournament where she faced a crushing defeat. Despite feeling embarrassed, her passion for the game pushed her to keep going, leading to continuous improvement. This experience became the cornerstone for developing not only physical skills but mental resilience. Participating in sports can be similar to starting a business. There will be times where there are setbacks, but to persevere, you must track and refine your processes along the way. 


It’s important to learn from your personal achievements and setbacks, using them as building blocks for a strong and confident mindset in entrepreneurship. The key takeaway is to remember the times you’ve triumphed over challenges and apply that same resilience to your business journey.


• “However you do something in your personal life is how you will show up in your business life.” (01:02 | May) 

• “You can train your mind to be tough, just like you can train your muscle to be tough. If you can train your body to be tough, you can also train your mind to be tough.” (01:58 | May)

• “Your mind has different muscles, different levels of personal toughness that you can train.” (02:34 | May)

• “When I show myself that I can do hard things it will naturally show to the others that they can also do it.” (13:21 | May)



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