Do THIS to Avoid Being Ghosted

Do THIS to Avoid Being Ghosted

Do you know the main reason why you’re being ghosted by clients? According to host May Yeo Silvers it has to do with “hidden” numbers.  So in today’s episode, she dives into into the challenges posed by hidden budgets, explores their significance in aligning expectations, and emphasizes the need for genuine conversations. 


Clients are like poker players- they keep their money close to their chests, especially when it comes to initially discussing their budget. And unfortunately, not knowing your potential client’s true budget can prevent you from closing the sale particularly if they have champagne taste on a beer budget. But unlocking the secrets behind their budgets is the key to success. Even though it can be uncomfortable to discuss money initially, you want to have a full understanding of what your client wants and how much money they have to spend. By aligning your proposals within your clients’ financial comfort zones, you are more likely to prevent any future ghosting.


By peeling back the layers of hidden budgets, we can prevent misunderstandings, enhance client interactions, and ultimately succeed in the art of sales. Avoiding discussions about costs can prevent effective communication, but engaging in real conversations upfront lays the foundation for mutual understanding and paves the way for trusting business relationships. 


• “The main reason why your potential clients are ghosting you is probably because you don’t know their hidden numbers.” (03:57 | May) 

• “What do I mean about the hidden numbers? We tend to have this tendency to ask, what’s your budget when we are talking to a potential client, right? Nine out of 10, they wouldn’t tell you what’s their budget because they are uncomfortable in telling you how much they want to spend because they don’t want to be labeled as cheap.” (04:04 | May) 

• “They don’t  wanna be labeled as someone who has a champagne taste and a beer budget. And they also do not want to go in back and forth arguing why they only have this much money. Or justifying why they can’t spend more, so they don’t want all this hassle and all this conflict, so they don’t tell you the truth.” (04:26 | May) 

• “Because if you don’t find out what is that number and you quote a fee that is so far off from their set point of their budget, it would be very difficult for them to reconcile the idea, why do I need to spend that much?” (05:42 | May)



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