The Guilt You Will Feel When Building Your Business – Episode 140

The Guilt You Will Feel When Building Your Business – Episode 140

Are you struggling with balancing business growth and family responsibilities? In this episode, May Yeo Silvers addresses this common challenge for entrepreneurs, especially in the event planning industry.


May shares a personal story about a recent event she planned in Atlanta, which required her to be away from her family for several days. She talks about the detailed planning and coordination needed to ensure her daughter Mia was well cared for in her absence. This included enlisting the help of her husband, mother-in-law, neighbors, and other moms, highlighting the crucial role of a strong support system for entrepreneurs.


May discusses the guilt entrepreneurs often feel when seeking help, fearing judgment as parents, or trying to manage everything alone. She emphasizes that overcoming these feelings is essential. She reassures listeners that it’s possible to balance a fulfilling personal life and a successful business.


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• “All this guilt will be created if you don’t have control of your emotions and your thoughts. So I have to tell myself that I can trust people, I have to tell myself that I can ask for help, and I do not have to be afraid of what people are labeling me.” (08:32 | May Silvers)

• “It’s so important when you’re trying to start and grow a business to have a support system.” (12:34 | May Silvers) 

• “There will be seasons that you’ll be more present in your business, that you’ll require more support from your ecosystem, and there will be seasons that you will have to be very present in your family, and your business will be humming instead of growing. So it will all balance out.” (18:58 | May Silvers) 



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