Skills Don’t Directly Equate to Profits

Skills Don’t Directly Equate to Profits

In today’s discussion, host May Yeo Silvers takes us on a journey to challenge a prevailing misconception: the belief that sheer skill is the ultimate key to unlocking profits in our events businesses. While undeniably crucial, possessing skills in event planning, design, and decoration isn’t a one-way ticket to success when you’re at the helm of your events venture. May Yeo Silvers adeptly articulates how thriving in this competitive landscape demands a holistic approach – one that encompasses not only your creative prowess but also a mastery of the art of effective marketing and sales.


Through insightful anecdotes and profound analysis, this episode sheds light on the experiences of highly skilled event planners and designers who found themselves grappling with a lack of profitability. The root causes? An oversight of the intricate business facet that accompanies entrepreneurship. May Yeo Silvers underscores a pivotal truth: excellence in your craft should be coupled with a strategic display of your work, proactive self-promotion, and the nurturing of a brand that resonates trust and admiration. It’s when potential clients recognize and are willing to pay for your expertise that you truly stand out in the industry. This podcast episode isn’t just a discourse on skills versus business acumen; it’s a call to action. It challenges you to reshape your perspective and embrace the multifaceted realm of entrepreneurship. 


So, whether you’re an established event entrepreneur or just setting out on this exhilarating path, this episode has something compelling to offer. Tune in to gain a fresh perspective, be inspired by real stories, and equip yourself with the insights needed to transform your passion for events into a thriving, profitable venture. Remember, success is best achieved together. 



• “The more skillful you are doesn’t mean that you’re going to get booked. I can tell you for a fact that I know very talented event planners, designers, and decorators, but why are they not getting booked? Because they’re not opening their mouth. They’re not telling people about their business.” (04:26 | May Yeo Silvers)

• “Being great at sales is only one part of the equation. Determining and keeping track of your numbers will help you make the best decisions for yourself and your business, as well as protect you from having to go back to a corporate job.” (14:42 | May Yeo Silvers)

• “Confidence in your craft comes from clients willing to pay for your services. So, instead of constantly focusing on improving your skills, shift your attention to learning how to market yourself and showcase your incredible talents.” (14:42 | May Yeo Silvers)

• “Let’s figure out what is the existing skill that you have that people say, ‘I’ll pay you to do this, you should charge money for this.’ Let’s focus on that first, and if you get an inquiry because you are focusing your energy on how to market to the outside world that your skill set is balloon installation, for instance, 99% will hire you for that thing.” (14:42 | May Yeo Silvers)



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