If You Don’t Like Being Sold To, You Will NOT Do Well in Sales

If You Don’t Like Being Sold To, You Will NOT Do Well in Sales

Everyone starts on an equal footing when it comes to sales; it’s not an inborn talent but a skill you can develop. And given the frequency with which event planners cite sales as a challenge in their business, there’s no time like the present to master this craft.

May says that if selling feels uncomfortable to you, it’s probably tied to how you feel about being sold to. She identifies common issues people feel about sales like the conflict and anxiety of declining an offer or the tension of feeling cornered into buying something. She warns that you may unintentionally be bringing that type of energy to your own sales calls. 


What’s better? Taking the emotion out of sales calls and cultivating curiosity about your prospect’s needs. The focus of your sales conversions should be making sure both you and the prospect are evaluating if you are the right person to help them. Creating an opportunity, or giving permission, for each of you to end a conversation if either of you find that you are not a good fit can make sales conversations far more productive.  You never have to feel you are trying to convince someone to buy.


If you want to assess, recalibrate, and rejuvenate your sales approach, May is happy to help you. She extends an invitation for personalized consultations or mentorship to boost listeners’ effectiveness and comfort in sales.



• “Sales involves some sales strategies and tactics, and it involves skills as well, but it all starts from the mindset and your feelings towards selling.” (02:07 | May Silvers) 

• “You’re in control of whether you want to buy or not. You’re in control of how you feel about the conversation, where the conversation is going. You’re in control of physically taking out your credit card or your money to pay to buy a product or service. So, what is there to fear? You’re in total control.” (07:25 | May Silvers) 

• “Take away all emotions. Come in with curiosity. Ask questions that lead them to tell you, tell me more. Tell me more. I’d like to hear more. How can we work together?” (19:24 | May Silvers)


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