How to Show Your Value as an Event Planner When You Don’t Have Anything Tangible to Show – Episode 142

How to Show Your Value as an Event Planner When You Don’t Have Anything Tangible to Show – Episode 142

Are you effectively showcasing the value of your event planning services to clients? In this episode, May Yeo Silvers teaches listeners how to articulate the worth of services that aren’t immediately tangible. Drawing from her extensive experience charging between $15,000 and $100,000, May shares how she justifies her fees through transparency and detailed communication.


May emphasizes the importance of demonstrating behind-the-scenes efforts and outcomes to clients. She uses practical tools like comprehensive spreadsheets and explanatory videos to highlight the thoroughness and expertise involved in her work. By meticulously explaining contract details and showcasing her process, she builds client confidence and justifies her pricing. She also addresses the psychological aspects of sales, stressing the need to make clients feel secure in their investment.


Listeners are encouraged to embrace clear communication, transparency, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to overcome price resistance and build a thriving event planning business. To get started, May offers her $24 Kickstart Bundle, packed with insights on sales psychology, pricing strategies, and marketing. This bundle is designed to help both seasoned planners and newcomers enhance their business acumen and achieve greater success. Click here to learn more!



• “As a planner or a designer, our expertise—what we’re delivering—is not so obvious to the eye in a sense that there is nothing tangible that you can actually see, that the client has nothing to hold on to or to be able to compare to. So it’s very difficult to justify; they feel that it’s very difficult to justify their fees compared to selling a product or a decorator that actually they can see her putting things into action, into place.” (02:48 | May Silvers)

• “It’s extremely important to explain what you’re doing and the results that they’re getting.” (04:48 | May Silvers) 

• “I think a lot of times, when people say that they don’t know what they’re getting or they’re not sure whether it’s worth the money, it’s when they do not see, number one, the value, and number two, the effort and time put in to create that value. That’s why I said it’s so important that as an event planner and designer, you want to be able to be more in their face by doing these things that I mentioned: recording a video, going through the process with them, and educating them on how you do your job.” (17:01 | May Silvers) 



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