Fitting Your Business into Your Life, Not the Other Way Around – Episode 117

Fitting Your Business into Your Life, Not the Other Way Around – Episode 117

“Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to work their life around the business, which is insane,” says May Silvers. In this episode, May lays out a step-by-step plan for entrepreneurs to harmonize their personal and professional commitments within one master calendar.


May’s plan begins with prioritizing personal life. She advises starting with a 12-month calendar and first marking off time for personal and family commitments, vacations, and personal retreats. This approach ensures that these crucial life moments are secured and not overrun by business demands.


Next, May suggests moving to professional goals. She instructs listeners to then schedule their business-related activities, like speaking engagements, trade shows, and client events. The key here, as May illustrates through her own examples, is to find a balance. This might mean making compromises to align business events with already blocked-off personal time.


May emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication with family and loved ones. She advises discussing and coordinating these planned schedules with family members to ensure mutual support and respect for each other’s commitments.


The final step in May’s plan involves financial planning. She encourages listeners to be mindful of the budgetary aspects of both leisure and business activities. May suggests developing a financial strategy to generate the necessary funds for both personal and professional goals.


This step-by-step guide approach to annual planning is a fresh and practical framework for entrepreneurs to achieve balance, ensuring that both their personal well-being and professional growth are nurtured.



• “I want to stress that you are merging what you’re doing for your business into your personal life, not the other way round. Okay? So by doing that, we are honoring the whole reason why we start a business. We get to live in the present with our family, with our loved ones, not just living for the business.” (2:32 | May Silvers)

• “Everything is already on my calendar. Once we can see it at one glance, it feels good because I’m not giving up my personal time to put in a lot of business activity. And I’m not putting in so much personal time that I don’t have time for my business activity. Everything has its place.” (15:46 | May Silvers)

• “We start planning from the big picture, and then we go into the medium picture, and then we eventually go down to the monthly and weekly picture. So yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly.” (18:07 | May Silvers)



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