Don’t Adjust Your Goals to Match Your Actions – Episode 121

Don’t Adjust Your Goals to Match Your Actions – Episode 121

Have you ever been tempted to lower a goal you’ve set for yourself when it seems too hard to achieve?  In this first live recording of 2024, May Silvers warns listeners that lowering goals is a pathway to mediocrity, not success.


At the start of the year, it’s common for people to set high ambitions, fueled by optimism and motivation. But around the 90-day mark, enthusiasm can wane, and doubts can arise, especially if results aren’t immediately visible. It’s at this critical juncture that it can be tempting to negotiate with yourself and scale back your goals.


May warns that by reducing goals to match current actions, people inadvertently settle for less, justifying reduced efforts and accepting subpar results. This mindset, she argues, not only leads to mediocrity but also stunts personal and professional growth.


To break this cycle, May advocates for adopting a strategy of baby milestones and steps. By breaking larger objectives into smaller, achievable targets, individuals can progressively amplify their efforts and maintain momentum. Align your actions with your high goals and commit to consistent, incremental progress.


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• “The first 30 days is the easiest. Because everything is new and fresh. It becomes a little bit more tedious when it comes to Day 60. And it becomes almost intolerable when it comes to Day 90, especially when you haven’t seen any results that you have put in for day 30 and day 60. This is when self-doubt comes in.” (4:01)  

• “Ask yourself, is this the value that you will want to show to people around you? That it’s okay that I adjust my goal because I really don’t want to work so hard for it? That’s the reality. That you adjusted your goal not because you want less. You adjusted your goal because you don’t want to work so hard for the real goal that you said to yourself.” (9:50 | May Silvers)

• “When you set baby milestones, you only have to take baby steps.” (11:07 | May Silvers)

• “In order for you to reach your goal, having an action plan, having accountability, having a clear path of what needs to be done, and taking the path that is guided by people who have done it before, telling you what to do, sharing with you what to do, so that you can reduce the number of mistakes that you make yourself, that plays a huge role in staying consistent and hitting your goal in a timely fashion.” (19:01 | May Silvers) 



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