Do These 2 Things to Get Consistent Sales – Episode 134

Do These 2 Things to Get Consistent Sales – Episode 134

Are you an event planner stuck in the cycle of unpredictable sales, never quite sure when your next booking will come? Expert event planner, business coach, and mentor, May Silvers, shares insights on two critical strategies to change this stressful pattern and create a steady stream of new clients to your business.


One of the most common pitfalls for event planners is inconsistent marketing. May explains that sporadic engagement leads to reduced brand visibility, making it difficult for potential clients to remember and choose your services over competitors. May stresses the importance of staying at the top of mind with your audience through regular, engaging content that highlights your expertise and keeps your business in the conversation.


Another key strategy is the necessity of directly asking for business. Many skilled marketers excel in crafting attractive content but fall short in converting viewers into leads and customers. May advises including a clear call to action in your communications, such as encouraging your audience to download a resource, book a consultation, or check out a special offer. Clear CTAs guide potential clients on what to do next, significantly boosting your conversion rates.


A tip from May’s own marketing strategies is to vary marketing content to serve different purposes: some posts inspire and engage, while others aim to sell. This approach keeps the content dynamic and prevents audience fatigue, ensuring that your followers remain excited and responsive to both the value you provide and the services you offer.


When you apply these strategies consistently, you will see a noticeable improvement in your business outcomes. If you would like to dive deeper into these tactics, May offers her 10-course Business Kickstart Bundle specifically designed for event planners looking to expand their reach and effectiveness. 



• “The reason why a lot of businesses don’t have consistent sales is because they don’t have consistent marketing efforts to grow their brand visibility. If you don’t market yourself consistently, you are not growing your brand.” (01:40 | May Silvers)

• “We have small business owners who are very religious in marketing themselves all the time. They have a solid marketing strategy schedule, they post on social media, they go to networking events, but they’re so afraid to ask for business. It has to go hand in hand. When you are marketing yourself, it’s important to let people know who you help, what you do, and the results you deliver, and how much it costs to hire you. On the other hand, you should also follow up with asking for the business. (04:05 | May Silvers) 

• “You have to ask for the business and you have to make it easy for people to get in contact with you based on your CTA.” (09:46 | May Silvers)

• “You need to consistently market yourself with good content. The other strategy is you need to ask for the sale. You need to ask them to do something that’s going to bring you closer to the sale.” (22:55 | May Silvers) 



If you are struggling to create a digital presence, staying consistent with your marketing efforts or finding it hard to ask for the sale, I have something for you and then some!


Our Business Kickstart Bundle includes video tutorials and downloadable plug and play templates that will help you to learn and implement the 2 very things I mentioned in this podcast episode: Marketing your business AND Asking for the sale. 


The bundle also includes video tutorials and templates on business legalities, productivity hacks and converting sales. There are a total of 10 courses! Grab your 10 courses bundle at $10 before the price goes up! Click this link to get your bundle.


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