4 Ways to Help You Get Unstuck

4 Ways to Help You Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck? May Yeo Silvers provides practical advice, or fast “hacks”, to boost your personal and professional success. Drawing from a recent conversation with a savvy business associate, May shares the 4 big takeaways she learned that can help you shift your results.


First, she emphasizes the critical link between physical health, mental clarity and business success, stressing diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Second, be cautious about your media intake; avoid negative content and choose sources of information and advice that you’ve researched and who align with your values. Next, remember that your close circle of friends and business associates matter; your success often mirrors the average success of your five closest associates. Choose them wisely. Lastly, visualize your goals, immersing yourself mentally in where you aim to be. Imagining business and life success before you have it can make it more possible for you to achieve.


This short episode is packed with advice to help you get unstuck and transform your outcomes.



• “Physical health directly relates to mental health, emotional health, and also your health of your business.” (02:46 | May) 

• “Your potential for success in life and in business is the average of the five people that you surround yourself with.” (10:47 | May) 

• “Your current environment, is it a reflection of where you want to go?” (14:52 | May)

• “You want to be able to extract yourself from an environment that’s not serving you and physically plant yourself in another environment that’s going to serve you.” (16:23 | May)



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