Events that Live Up
to Your Ambition

Exceptional event experience with positive ROI for 6-8 Figure Coaches | Business Coaching for Aspiring Planners who want to turn their passion for events into profit

Events that Live Up
to Your Ambition

Exceptional event experience with positive ROI for 7+8 Figure Coaches | Business Coaching for Aspiring Planners who want to turn their passion for events into profit

Whether you’re a coach looking to create a transformational event that builds your brand AND drives revenue


An aspiring event planner with ambitious dreams of creating a thriving business…

You are in the right place.

I’m an

Event Planner

that wants to start and grow my business

I’m an


looking to plan a profitable event that is transformational for my audience

MY clients

Hi, I’m May.

Event Planner & Strategist, EVENTrepreneur, Coach & Mentor, Wife, Mom.

After 20 years in the event planning industry, I understand how important events are to building a noteworthy brand. Not only have I worked internally for some of the world’s largest luxury hotel brands as a planner, I’ve planned events for some of the most recognizable corporations around the world. After leaving my hospitality career as Director of Events & Director of Catering and Conference Services, I started my own event planning company and built it to multiple 6-figures without any inventory or expensive locations, while still being present in my husband and daughter’s life.

As an event planner and event strategist, I fully believe that exquisite events go much deeper than a few pretty pics. When done well, they will fuel the growth of your business.

As a coach and mentor, it is my desire to show new and seasoned event planners the ins and outs of the business, while pushing them to desire more, think bigger and dream without limits.

My no-nonsense approach to planning and coaching will help you to leverage exceptional events to increase revenue and grow your brand. Working with me and my team means you’ll learn the what, the how, and the why behind maximizing the potential of each event you plan for your company or as a planner. We will challenge you NOT to settle, and produce Events that Live Up to Your Ambition

I bring to the table my 20 years of experience in sales, hospitality, corporate and social event planning, and entrepreneurship to help you grow your business, your revenue, and your brand.


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Mindset, tactics and strategies to build your event planning business.

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"In less than one year after I joined May's mentorship program, I TRIPLED my income, DURING COVID!

I am now learning inside the program to grow my team, so I can scale into 6 figures for my event planning business.”

Sharron Mabry

Owner of Color It Purple Event Planning

"My only experience in planning events was my wedding. I was hesitant to start my own company.

After joining the mentorship program, I learned the step by step on how to launch my company, market myself, and also learned the mindset to stay firm with my fees so I only attract my ideal clients. I’ve made $11,000 in just 8 months, and my business is part-time!

Adriannie Nardella

Owner of Flawless Events by Adriannie

"I started the program completely new to the industry September 2020 and was hesitant if I could financially afford it with just starting my business.

May’s passion is what drove me to trust the process and work together. She’s helped me build my business from the ground up, and even helped me reach goals I could never have imagined on my own. A year into the program, I was able to quit my full time job. In less than 2 years, my business made over $90 000, on track to hit my first 6 figures in the business!

Helen Collett

Owner of Sweet Marie's Event Planning

"Before joining the program, I was planning events as a hobby.

After joining the program, I launched my event planning company, booked several paid gigs, and one of my events even got featured on a local TV network!

Emily Wooten

Owner of Sweet Southern Occasions

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